Future Calling Ltd.

  • Public Policy Research and Development
  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Career Development Coaching
  • Facilitation & Training
  • Toolkit development

In the areas of:
Sport and Recreation, the Creative and Cultural Sector, Adult Learning and Skills, Education, Health, and Community Development.

Public Policy Research, Development and Piloting

  • We generate evidence for policy makers
  • We pilot new approaches
  • We research and highlight up-to-date evidence and working examples
  • We develop policy based on available evidence
  • We bring together and interpret existing policy for specific areas, such as water-based recreation
  • We research and write-up case studies and reports
  • We develop toolkits

Stakeholder Consultation

We run large and small consultation exercises with stakeholders, including staff, clients, the public, and organisations (particularly specific interest groups and membership organisations)

We offer quantitative and qualitative surveys and consultation exercises including:

  • One to one interviews (face to face or on the telephone)
  • Paper and web-based surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Facilitated events

Career Development

  • Career Development Coaching (face to face, or on the telephone)
  • Customised training courses on themes such as Managing Transitions
  • Research to inform Workforce Development policies

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