Future Calling Associates

Future Calling Ltd. works closely with associates at:

  • The University of Brighton
  • Landmark Consulting &
  • The Development Practice Resource Centre

Future Calling Ltd. is a member of a number of national and international networks and is able to bring together expert colleagues to meet the requirements of specific project briefs.

About Us

Future Calling Limited was founded by Belinda Heys in 2007.  Belinda has a background in training and development, facilitation and coaching. She has been running her own business since 2002. Prior to this she worked as a trainer in retail, and in various roles in higher education, both in South Africa and in the U.K.

Belinda brings strong people and organisational skills to each of the projects she undertakes. She enjoys working collaboratively with clients and colleagues in developing innovative solutions and approaches for the society of the short and longer term future – at work and at play.

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Belinda Heys founder of Future Calling Ltd.